Vision QC®

Automation of internal laboratory quality control
Software for internal laboratory quality control Vision QC


Automation of internal laboratory quality control

  •  Automated quality control of quantitative methods in compliance with technology-based standards
  •  Quality control for one or multiple control materials
  •  Automatic calculation of mean standard deviation, coefficient of variation
  •  Automated assessment of reproducibility and accuracy of analysis results
  •  Automatic generation of control charts and cusum charts


  •  Customizable reference guide for analytes and control materials
  •  Adjustable level of control
  •  Expiry date tracking


  •  Automated instant quality control
  •  Saved reports may be sent by e-mail or exported in popular formats PDF, DOC, XLS, JPEG, GIF, PNG
  •  Database for archive keeping
  •  Data storage in the database, quick search, cooperation with colleagues, remote access via Internet and possibility of integration into other information networks (LIS)

User-friendly interface

Vision QC interface
  • Customizable reference guide for control materials
  • Instant quality control
  • Generationg of cusum charts
  • Quality control for 2 control materials

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